Why Immigration Consultant Dubai?

ICD works with ICCRC and MARA certified experts globally in Canada, Australia, and othеr rеgulatory authoritiеs. These certified professionals understand the intricacies of immigration process as per your viable route. You can always ensure the credibility of the consultant on your own in the ICCRC official website. Only licensed and qualified consultants are listed on the website. Such verification provisions are also applicable to regulating authorities such as MARA of Australia, that offer licences to law firms.

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What Global Migration Services We offer?

Our comprehensive services cater to a wide range of immigration needs, including:

Skilled Migration: Increase your chances of obtaining a visa in consideration of the expertise that you are bringing into the country.

Business Immigration: Acquiring the right visas for the promising business ventures that will enable you to set your foot in a different country.

Work Permits: Providing opportunities for the candidates to simplify the process of getting the work visa and sets foundation to a good career in the particular country.

Non-Immigrant Visas: We help you with various kinds of non-immigrant visas for travel, for business in other countries on a temporary basis.

Unlock Your Global Potential: Efficient Immigration Services for Canada and Australia

We will help you get through a conventional yet precise solution in conjunction with your visa consultants towards Canada or Australia.

Unlock Your Global Potential: Efficient Immigration Services for Canada and Australia

Canada Skilled Immigration:

Embrace a thriving future in North America. Its economy is quite developed and the country offers a friendly environment to everybody. You can rely on our skilled immigration services for getting the Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada through different Canada Skilled Immigration.

Canada Skilled Immigration

Dubai immigration

AIP (Atlantic Immigration Programme)

Dubai immigration

Express Entry Program

Dubai immigration

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Australian Skilled Immigration

Dubai immigration

Skilled Independent Subclass 189

Dubai immigration

State Nominated Subclass 190

Dubai immigration

Regional Sponsored Visa Subclass 489

immigration consultancy

Why is ICD the Best Choice for Canada Immigration?

Your Road to a Brighter Tomorrow Awaits You Today

Immigration Consultant Dubai can make your immigration to Canada absolutely easy and hassle-free. As skilled Canada immigration consultants, our team has ICCRC-registered consultants who specialize in the laws governing immigration to Canada. We do not just provide a rock-bottom, starting point type guidance. We will help in explaining the guidelines governing the acquisition of the licences, the kinds of documents that are needed and how to correctly fill the application forms.

We know that every case is distinct in its requirements and situation it presents to any legal agents appointed to dispense justice. We will evaluate your ability to apply for the different immigration Canada options such as business immigration, immigration based on skills among others with the best route to help you achieve your dream. Our visa services include travel visa consultants in many countries to help you with your paperwork no matter your location. Canada has a sound economy, is culturally diverse and opens many opportunities to everybody. Do not let problems of immigration to be a barrier to you.

Unleash Your Global Potential

Fear of the unknown is a strange enemy to be battling at this stage of the process and thus, do not allow uncertainty to defeat you. This is your opportunity to talk to ICD today and get qualified for a free eligibility check. Our team of specialists will be your guide, which will help you successfully go through the path to a better life in another country.

immigration consultancy

Why Choose a Professional for Your Immigration Needs?

Immigration speaks of different challenges which can however be demanding. Don’t do it alone! Here’s why partnering with a reputable immigration consultant like Immigration Consultant Dubai (ICD) is the smart choice for your successful move abroad:

  • Selecting a registered company guarantees that you are dealing with professionals who are licensed and adhere to ethical guidelines.
  • A direct communication is established with the consultants who in turn will guide and assist the wannabe immigrants all through the process.
  • Take advantage of the services of a team that has already assisted clients obtain visas to move from UAE to Canada, besides other countries such as Australia.
  • Minimizes wasted time and potential mistakes for the client since our consultants are always updated on the current laws on immigration as well as every best practice.

Why ICD for Your Eligibility?


With our immigration consultants having excellent industry knowledge, the user profile analysis will be made in detail covering education, experience, etc. Our expert will conduct immigration assessment for the programs for skilled people, business Ensuite and Investor for countries like Canada & Australia. Once you choose the program that has the objectives that you want to achieve, we help you to apply for the program to avoid any complicated process.

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Immigration Consultant Dubai

Your Gatеway to Begin a New Life In a Developed Country

Why immigration Consultant Dubai (ICD) Should Be Your Best Bet on Your Migration Process?

Unparalleled Support & Expertise: Your Trusted Partner

We at Immigration Consultant Dubai (ICD) understand that immigration is complex. That’s why we provide utterly unique hours with an extensive ranging choice and practically no stress at all. Here’s what sets ICD apart:

immigration consultancy

Nationwide Support

Our services reach every corner of UAE. Our highly-skilled consultants are strategically placed whether you are in Sharjah, or even in Abu Dhabi and any other part of the United Arab Emirates.
Genuine Expertise

Genuine Expertise

We work as a team where it is easy to know the current immigration laws and policies of the intended destination country to avoid the usual hitches.
Dedicated Consultant by Your Side

Dedicated Consultant by Your Side

For each and every step from the start to the end, you will be receiving help from your visa permit consultant and they are always available to clarify all your queries.
Client-Centric Approach

Client-Centric Approach

Customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. Our consultants spend time in determining the client’s condition and what he or she aims at.
Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

Our enormous experience in the handling of multiple immigration streams yields the right result from thousands of our clients. Thus this knowledge is deposited into ensuring that superior services are attainable every time.
Competitive Pricing and Flexible Payment Options

Competitive Pricing and Flexible Payment Options

We charge only reasonable fees that suit the client’s budget and are able to structure the payment methods to fit the client’s needs as well.

Why is ICD the Smart choice to start Your Global Journey?

Together with ICD let it be your ally on your journey towards a better life in foreign countries.

The immigration professionals assist you open the doors of opportunity in countries such as Canada and Australia and many more. Guaranteeing our customers that they will not encounter any problems in the application of visas, we have a team of professionals to assist you. While executing malware removal/masking for clients, we make use of that experience and skill most of the time leading to high success rates among the clients.

You won’t find the generic solutions here. Here, it is understood that each client has his or her own goal and engagement levels thus offering services to fit the goal. Our tariffs are rather reasonable and we always adjust prices to payment facilities. Our team respects the client’s proximity and avails considerable information all through the process. We also deal with permanent residency application services, which enables you to be a world citizen.

Why is ICD the Smart choice to start Your Global Journey?

Our Immigration Roadmap

At Immigration Consultant Dubai (ICD), We make it easy for you to understand through our transparent and step by step process roadmap. Let our experts guide you every step of the way:Let our experts guide you every step of the way:

  • immigration consultancy

    Simple Online Registration

    Start your journey effortlessly. Visit ICD’s website and use the simple online registration procedure to fill an application.

  • immigration consultancy

    Free Consultation & Prompt Response

    When you have registered, our staff will get in touch with you for an initial consultation free of cost. We will engage ourselves in answering the questions, providing approximate estimations and making understanding of objectives.

  • immigration consultancy

    Demystifying the Process - Step-by-Step Guidance

    We never do simply file applications- rather, we equip you with information. What criteria will remain core and, following each stage, our team will describe how each criterion works and the steps to follow.

  • immigration consultancy

    Online Payment & Doc Management

    Leave the new life stuff to us! Our online payment system makes payments easy. We’ll manage your docs for you and submit them properly.

  • immigration consultancy

    Application Submission & Ongoing Support

    Once approved we’ll submit the application for you. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way and answer any questions that come up.

  • immigration consultancy

    Follow-Up & Support - We Got You

    Even after application submission we’re here for you. We’ll answer follow-up questions and support you throughout the journey.

  • immigration consultancy

    Post-Landing Services - Seamless Transition

    Moving into your new home is easy with ICD’s post-landing services. Let our experts guide you through the first few weeks in Canada or Australia.

Customers Testimonial

Star Star Star Star Star
Mr. Kermoumi

I had a fabulous experience with Immigration Consultant Dubai. I recently obtained my Canada skilled immigration visa and it was incredibly easy with their help. They were truly professional, and helpful throughout the process. All of my questions were answered promptly and they kept me informed every step of the way. The entire team of immigration experts made sure that everything went smoothly and ensured that all of the paperwork was submitted correctly. I can highly recommend their consultancy to anyone who is looking for an immigration consultant for Canada in order to go through a stress free procedure.

Star Star Star Star Star
Ms. Avanya

Immigration Consultant Dubai was a pleasure to work with. They answered all of my questions promptly and provided me with comprehensive advice to acquire my Canada skilled immigration visa. The entire team was respectful and always willing to help with complete immigration assistance. I was pleased with the timely manner in which they submitted my paperwork and was delighted to receive my visa within a few weeks.

Star Star Star Star Star
Ms. Nambiar

I am really impressed with the professionalism and support of Immigration Consultant Dubai. They helped me to apply for a Australia skilled immigration and they streamlined the entire process. I was updated regularly about my application status and the whole process took less than two weeks. I had a very positive experience with ICD and would definitely recommend them for anyone who needs to apply for Australia visa.

Star Star Star Star Star
Mr. Sachin

I had a fabulous experience with Immigration Consultant Dubai. I recently obtained my Canada skilled immigration visa and it was incredibly easy with their help. They were truly professional, and helpful throughout the process. All of my questions were answered promptly and they kept me informed every step of the way. The entire team of immigration experts made sure that everything went smoothly and ensured that all of the paperwork was submitted correctly. I can highly recommend their consultancy to anyone who is looking for an immigration consultant for Canada in order to go through a stress free procedure.

Immigration News and Related Articles

We keep you updated with the latest immigration news and related articles. This will allow you to stay well-informed about any changes in policy or regulation and help you make informed decisions.

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Frequently Askеd Quеstions

Is ICD thе bеst choicе for immigration assistance?

ICD is thе pеrfеct choicе for pеoplе looking for permanent residency in major countries like Canada and Australia under various streams. ICD has a consultancy of professional and skillеd consultants who offer round the clock services.

We have a good track record in providing detailed services to applicants and families interested in availing of a suitable program for moving to their desired countries. We also offer free consultancy to get details about eligibility assessments of visit visas and the best suitable advice for their smooth process.

Which documents are necessary for immigration?

Applicants must have a dеtailеd document for applying and thе procеss. Gеnеrally, thе key documents required in thе application procеss arе certified еducational qualifications, work еxpеriеncе, latеst rеsumеs, mеdical rеports, criminal proof rеcords, and financial statеmеnt proof.

What steps must I follow for skillеd immigration to thе dеsirеd country?

Canada Rеgulatory Council and immigration authoritiеs suggest specific steps that must be followed by immigrants who are interested in moving to Canada. Immigrants nееd hеlp with thеir еligibility criteria for thе particular visa procеss, providing a dеtailеd еxprеssion of intеrеst, collеcting all nеcеssary documеnts, making financial proof, and applying for a Visa. They also need applicants’ languagе proficiеncy and mеdical еxaminations.

What arе thе possiblе advantagеs of a skillеd migration program?

Skillеd migration programs arе pеrfеct for immigrants with many opportunities. Pеoplе can find many work opportunities in Canada. It is also the bеst pathway for pеrmanеnt rеsidеncy to immigrants aiming to continue higher studiеs and work in their dream countries.

What is thе еstimatеd time for the visa process for long-term migration?

Thеrе arе various factors responsible for the duration of a migration visa process. It depends on the individual circumstances, thе country whеrе you arе applying, and thе specific visa category. Mostly, thе skillеd visa in Australia or Canada lasts 1 year, and you can stay indеfinitеly. In some cases, applicants can also gеt pеrmanеnt rеsidеncy work opportunities.

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