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Australia Work Permit

Australia Work Permit

Achieve your professional goals using ICD’s specialized work permit services for Australia. We’ll walk you through the Australia work permitapplication process, help you ensure you have all the necessary documents, and be there every step of the way to your new life and career in this exciting country. When you put your trust in ICD, get ready to learn a new work culture and experience an incredible work-life balance.

Canada Work Permit

Canada Work Permit

Discover professional opportunities waiting for you in Canada with ICD’s professional work permit services from UAE. We know the ins and outs of the Canada work permit system and will help make sure that your application hits all the right notes. Let our CICC-certified immigration consultant in Dubai help you turn Canada into your home when you’re ready to take that next step in your professional life.


Our Process - Simplifying Success

Entering the world of international careers is an exciting journey, and at ICD, we are dedicated to streamlining every step of your journey. Our approach to your dream of working in Canada or Australia is deeply personalized to ensure a smooth transition. Here’s how we process your application and requirements.


Personalized Consultation

Your journey begins with a customized, one-on-one consultation that serves as the basis of your personalized journey. We take the time to assess your eligibility and understand your unique career goals during your initial conversation. This ensures we can tailor our services to your objectives in a way that feels like we are working alongside you.

Document Assistance

Gathering and preparing the required documents for a work permit application can be intense. Our UAE work visa experts will provide complete work permit assistance through every step of the way to ensure your documentation is both accurate and complete, as well as compliant with all necessary immigration regulations.

Effortless Application Submission

Submitting and navigating a work permit application takes time and expertise. Take a deep breath and allow ICD to step in. We will oversee the steering of your stress-free submission process. Every detail of your application will be methodically handled with full compliance so that the process has a natural flow.

Proactive Follow-up

From the moment we submit your application, our proactive follow-up system will keep you informed. Our team will provide regular updates and work permit application support so you’re always ahead of your application’s progress. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that we are on hand to promptly solve any questions or concerns that may arise during the waiting period.

Celebrate Success

The end result of our combined efforts is your success once your work permit has been approved. Rejoice that you’ve achieved the adventure of a new professional beginning, and we’re rejoicing right along with you.

Our process is more than a series of steps. It is a custom road map to simplify your transition into international employment, one that believes you should be led transparently, efficiently and with unwavering support by ICD.

Work Permit Renewal Services from Dubai

Work Permit Renewal Services from Dubai

Are you already in Canada or Australia and need to renew your work permit? ICD can help! Our work permit renewal services are designed to take the stress out of your journey, getting your permit renewed smoothly so you can go on with your professional journey while we handle the paperwork.

Why Choose ICD for Your Work Permit Needs?

Why Choose ICD for Your Work Permit Needs?

  • Expert Guidance: Our work permit consultant makes sure to walk you through the process and provide guidance that is easy to understand. We demystify the process and help you make informed decisions.
  • Tailored Solutions: ICD recognizes that everyone’s journey is unique. We provide personalized work permit solutions from UEA to ensure your application process is as seamless as possible.
  • Comprehensive Support: From document preparation to interview readiness, ICD goes beyond obtaining a work permit. We ensure you’re well-prepared for success.
  • Timely Processing: Time is of the essence in your career journey. ICD is dedicated to efficient and timely work permit processing. We minimize delays and strive to get you one step closer to your dream job abroad every day.
  • Transparent Communication: We believe you should be kept informed every step of the way. ICD ensures transparent communication, so you have regular updates on the status of your application and if there are any concerns.

Whether you are looking for an entry visa or work visa or want to make a career abroad, ICD helps all foreign nationals in the UAE to get an employment agreement or a confirmed job offer so they can easily land in the destination country and settle abroad.

FAQs – Work Permit Services from Dubai

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